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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


It was founded 1779, the distillery's water source is the river Laggan and carries the name of the main town on Islay... we're of course talking about Bowmore...

The distillery carries and distinct medium peated style with a flowery/perfumy hint to it.
This has become this distillery's trademark almost - carrying this style in abundance through the 80's with words like 'lavender' or the less flattering 'FWP or French Whore's Perfume' to it.

Today, the distillery is back on track producing a lightly peated and easy drinkable malt for those not wanting to wrestle an Islay south shore heavyweight.

Bowmore 1997 14yo (xx.06.1997/xx.01.2012), 51,8%, ex-bourbon hogshead, Whisky-Fässle

Colour is pale straw

Delicate, slightly flowery and lemony. Thin layer of smoke and a perfumy note. Vanillas and wet ink/paper, green soda and buttermilk

Vanilla'ed smoke, salt, smoky redcurrant, citrus, spices and fruits with a flowery finish.

A great straight forward and non-offensive lightly peated malt!


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