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Wednesday, 26 December 2012


After a short Xmas break, its time for another review of something quite special.

Around 5 years ago, Bruichladdich offered cask sales of a spirit they chose to call 'Lochindaal' named after the distillery of the same name located in the village of Port Charlotte, but closed back in 1929.

The 'Lochindaal' spirit is peated to 50ppm, which is more than the Port Charlotte spirit from Bruichladdich, the PC being 'only' 40ppm...

I'm not sure how many casks of 'Lochindaal' spirit were sold, but to my knowledge the one, I'm about to review is the first one I've seen bottled.

This, by the way, is a split cask with the guys that runs the danish whisky fair - them getting 120 bottle from the cask. Being just over 4 years old, it should have some rough edges still, but is certainly a fun one to try... :-)

Bruichladdich 'Lochindaal' 4yo 29.11.2007/12.12.2011 67,2%, cask#3332, 134 bottles, bottled for whiskylovers in Denmark by FC Whisky

Colour is pale straw

Vanilla, manure, tickling alcohol, very little new make spirit. A malty and fruity hint carries through. Also some fresh coastal/salty notes there and surprising little peat, though detectable. Water brings out the peat though, but still not as much as expected.

No new make spirit - only hints, creamy, buttery vanilla and malt and fruit, sweet peat also now in good measure, salt water, oysters/shellfish, a bit oily, like a bit of natural sulphur - adding to this whisky. It then finishes straight forward on peat, malt (mash) and fruity notes.

This is only 4 years old??? Wow! Great stuff! I'd love a bottle but price wise it has taken off a bit as with all whisky these days... :-/


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