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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


We're back on the Isle of Islay for a Bruichladdich bottling finished in one of those controversial casks - an ex Calvados cask. Bruichladdich has done loads of cask finishes - some more successful than others - and whisky drinkers have always been split (far from evenly, I might add) between traditional maturation in either ex-bourbon or sherry wood and a variety of other (wine)casks, a venture much explored by the good folks at Bruichladdich.

Personally I haven't had that many whiskies from ex-calvados casks, so I didnt really know what to expect from this one other than I would like to see a Bruichladdich not swamped in whatever cask type it has been finished in... oh, by the way - at Bruichladdich its not called a finish, its called ACE'ing your whisky (Additional Cask Enhancement)

Just to be clear, Calvados is a french apple brandy (distilled cider). More here.

This bottling is also a 'valinch' bottling from Bruichladdich, which means its a 'bottle your own' at the distillery. Its also only comes in 50cl bottles.

Bruichladdich Valinch 'Forbiden Fruit' 1992/2012 (25.09.1992) 19yo 51,6%, ACE'ed in a Christian Drouin Calvados Cask, Distillery bottling

Colour is straw

Mashy, salt and fresh malt, vanilla, white fruits , pears and an elusive apple or am I imagining things here? also natural caramel and a hint of cardboard.

Light grains, apple here now for sure along with the sweet natural 'Laddie style. ligther in style than expected, but still very mouth filling. Some oaky notes gives away to a creamy vinous texture at the mid palate, along with a creamy honeyed malt and sweet fruit.

This is a cask finish (sorry, ACE'ing) well done, IMO - Extremely drinkable.


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