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Friday, 28 December 2012


Elgin based bottler Gordon & MacPhail has put this one to market through small time Belgian bottler Asta Morris owned by Bert Bruyneel, who in spite of its size has bottled some impressive whiskies already, incl. some 70's official bottlings of Benriach.

This time though, lets have a go at another Caol Ila - lots of them out there, though not so many in sherry casks like this one is...

Caol Ila 1999 (17.08.1999./xx.08.2012) 50%, refill sherry hogshead#305341, 350 bottles, G&M for Asta Morris, Belgium

Colour is gold

Slightly carbolic, vague sherry and fruit notes, subdued peat and cardboard. Getting very 'harboury' (that even a word?) with dried seaweed and tarry bulwark (Google translate - you had better got that word right!!)

Bitter chocolate and smoke, creamy almost oily malt and a distinct fruitiness, spicy oak and hint of coffee. Gets salty and sometimes produces 'greenish' notes I think I would associate with bourbon cask matured whiskies. Finish is on peat and some (too) bitter and drying oak.

A Caol Ila in its prime age for sure, although, it looses a bit on the finish, I think...
Still good whisky, though


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