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Monday, 3 December 2012


Before I tried this, I wondered how it would turn out as Port is my other drinks passion...
Port and heavy peat then?

This bottling is from Creative Whisky Company which is run by David Stirk.

Lets check it out below...

Laphroaig 1996 12yo 17.10.1996 50,1%, cask#7295, Creative Whisky Company

Colour is full straw with an red hue

Perfumy smoke, sweet peat, damp earthen floors and malt sweetness and fruit.

Sweet peat again and more on the peat than smoke now. Quiet clan malt and a slight vinous spicy/drying aftertaste - then peat and wine being medium lasting.

Off my head I'm thinking very Ardmore-like and not a medicinal Laphroaig and though from a port cask, I was expecting a bit more influence from the port... Not a bad dram - but not great either.


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