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Sunday, 30 December 2012


I'll be finishing off 2012 and my first 7 months of reviews and reports by wishing all a
Small German bottler and not least shop owner (Whisky) Doris Debbeler and her husband Herbert releases some very good bottlings from time to time. Rumours says their team as rejected several casks lately because the quality simple wasn't up to their standards... and that is certainly setting the bar high - but also a sign that they won't endorse just anything from a cask.

This is the first Whisky Doris bottling I'll be reviewing for the blog, although in the past I've tried a couple from the WD-team without taking any notes... I remember those as really good too...

Anyway, so why not kick this off with a review of a Port Ellen...

Port Ellen 1982 29yo (xx.03.1982/08.09.2011) 58,5%, refill bourbon hogshead#18, 212 bottles, Whisky Doris

Colour is full straw

Sea breeze, sweet oak, tropical fruits - pineapple and melon, gentle peat and salt. Gets a mineral and oily note along with lemons and vanilla custard.

Very coastal, balanced oak and smoke, the tropical fruitiness is very clear here, salty, very citrussy, getting some medicinal hints mid-palate, also smoked sweet cured salmon and herbs. Nothing ever goes overboard here - everything from the peat, oak and fruits are just beautifully measured here.

A nice addition to any Port Ellen shelf...


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