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Sunday, 27 January 2013


After these Islay malts it's time for us to head north east to Speyside and we'll start just outside Keith in Banffshire. Now Keith is probably most know in the whisky world as the location for the very picturesque Strathisla Distillery.

Aultmore Distillery isn't located in the town of Keith itself, but rather a little northwest of Keith on the B9016 heading towards the Banffshire coast.

Founded in 1896, it has - like most other distilleries - lived a life of silent periods and changing ownership... Today it's a part of the Dewar's (Bacardi) company and and most of its production goes into their blends. It has never been a whisky that has had the great attention from the malt drinking community, although when the distillery was owned by United, now Diageo they put out a couple of decent bottling in the form of the Flora & Fauna Aultmore and a Rare Malt edition from 1996.

Haven't had that much Aultmore in general - not even before my blogging days, so it'll be nice to try one again...

*...and now time for a little rant since we're onto a Speyside whisky*

Tonight (Saturday 26th) saw the launch of the events for the Spirit of Speyside Spring Festival 2013 - and what a stressfull evening it has been getting events booked. As usual the Spirit of Speyside website crashed when all the eager festival goers tried to get on to book their events - same as the last 3 years...

It puzzles me that the festival organisers don't take this problem more seriously and implement a queue system (its technically possible) or get a better host for their website that can handle the load - especially since the organisers are so proud of how much the festival has grown over the past few years...

They know lots of people every year will be ready to book the minute the events go live!

*rant over*

Aultmore 1989 73.21 (31.05.1989/xx.09.2012) 23yo 'Mead, sherry and butterscotch' 57,9%, refill sherry butt, 582 bottles, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Colour is light amber

Vanilla'ed sherry, fruits - both dried and fresh, apple, oranges and cinnamon and a hint of rubber

Spicy, dark fruits, prunes and raisins, licorice and a baked note and caramel, orange liqueur. Finishes on drying spicy oak, slightly bitterness and still a hint of rubber.

Decent drinking malt, I think - I enjoyed it.


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