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Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I bought this bottle after a Cadenheads tasting in 2007 and I've had it in the cupboard for a good 5 years now and thought it was time to give it another try.

Cadenhead has long been one of my favourite indie bottlers, though the last couple of years at least to my personal experience, has sadly seen more 'duds' than usual from them...

Now Mark Watt (formerly Duncan Taylor) has joined with Cadenheads and I know Mark is able to pick out some goodies - he sure did that for Duncan Taylor! So, get cracking Mark and find us some good whisky! Rumours say you have a good supply of casks to work with...

Anyway, back to the Bruichladdich bottling distilled in 1992...

Outside Bruichladdich Distillery - May 2011 © The Malt Desk

Bruichladdich 1992 15yo (xx.xx.1992/xx.09.2007) 55,5%, ex-bourbon hogshead, 286 bottles, Cadenhead Authentic Collection

Colour is full straw

Vanilla and peppery, heavy malt and sweet mash, grapefruits, pears, wet oak and fresh ginger.

Forceful arrival on alcohol, salt and barley sugar, spicy oak - peppery again, juicy malt and lively oak, white fruits and a soft and light smoke trail.

A delicious Bruichladdich from the pre-Jim McEwan era and from just before the distillery went silent in 1993. Lovely!


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  1. This sounds great! Must try to get some of the older Cadenhead's. Cheers!