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Monday, 7 January 2013


When Caol Ila was closed for expansion in Spring 2011, Bunnahabhain was tasked with producing peated spirit for them while the work was carried out, which meant at least a couple of months of production for them... But being produced at Bunnahabhain, Diageo who owns Caol Ila, can't sell the spirit produced there as Caol Ila single malt - so it probably all went to maturation for later blending.

But Bunnahabhain also does its own runs of peated spirit, nicknamed 'Moiné' and the one reviewed below is one such. They started doing peated runs back in 1997 and since we've seen batches appear - mostly from independent bottlers - but also a couple from the distillery itself.

Right, lets give this one a try!

Bunnahabhain 2006 5yo (xx.12.2006/xx.09.2012) 61,1%, ex-bourbon hogshead#800041, 264 bottles, Archives

Colour is almost of white spirit with a greenish hue

Sweet smoked bacon, dairy notes, toilet cleaner, wet newspaper, very antiseptic really.
I could mistake this for a Laphroaig, I think. Also getting freshly peeled onion and new make spirit.

This would have been rough on a clean palate, but I've warmed up with another dram.
Palate straight away is peat, garden fruits, very earthy, wet fields and walking into a barn on a farm. Finish is again on peat, wet grains and cardboard.

This is a young malt and the other Islays, mainly Kilchomans at this age, seems to have matured better than this one so far.

This is not what I'd recommend you go out and get for a nice relaxing evening at home. It should stand as an example of what it is... a young peated malt from a distillery that, IMO, does its best work doing its regular runs, but also to show what a peated run from this distillery is like...

That said, its not bad whisky, but its mainly just good fun! You can get one here


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