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Thursday, 31 January 2013


As promised on Tuesday I'm back with another Glen Moray review today.

In the Aultmore review recently, I had a rant about the Spirit of Speyside Festival organisations ability to handle the load on their ticket server... a ticket server that actually also holds ticket for events at the Glen Moray Distillery during the festival in early May.

The Distillery offers a Manager's Tour during the festival (more here) - an event with tasting of both regular expressions, but also cask samples. Glen Moray also hosts a BBQ which is supposed to be good fun - though I've never been myself (more here).

Now back to today's Glen Moray... The SMWS title of this one really had my mind going, so I was quite looking forward to this one as I'm as much a sucker for a good curry as the next guy, but I have no idea what this type of hogshead it has matured in is. :-)

Glen Moray 1994 35.81 (11.11.1994) 17yo 'Afternoon tea in India' 58,9%, Designer hogshead, 256 bottles, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Colour is amber

Cinnamon cake, red curry, nutmeg, quite some flowery hints, spices all sorts, cumin and milk chocolate - what a mix!

Light and slightly nutty drying, dark rum and dried fruits, oranges, high end bourbon notes, honey and milk on a wholegrain breakfast, Madeira and plums chocolates.

Water kills the complexity in this one, so be careful how much you add...

This is a great example of what the SMWS also does, as in bottling casks that a nothing like the normal style from the distillery. GREAT fun and malt!


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  1. Very interesting dram. Would love to be your neighbour!!