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Friday, 25 January 2013


Bruichladdich distillery is well know for its various cask finishes or ACE's as they like to call it themselves (A)dditional (C)ask (E)nhancement - usually from some obscure wine cask likely sourced at a good price from Mark Reynier's wine firm...

This is all very fine if the results is good whisky that may previously have been maturing in tired casks... but really sometimes you'd think the they at Bruichladdich think ACE is A-C- Enchantment as far from every wine finish they've done have worked, IMO.

Now, don't despair - there's good wine finishes out there! I'll be the first to admit to that as well... The best ones I've had has been from ex red wine/port and/or calvados casks...

I've chosen to keep sherry casks out of the mention here as they're more widely used and generally provides a more successful maturation result - again of course IMO :-)

Such a result is today's review of another SMWS 127.xx - Port Charlotte...

Port Charlotte 2001 127.29 (14.12.2001/xx.xx.2012) 10yo 'Separates the men from the boys' 63,8%, Refill ex-sherry butt, 73 bottles, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Colour is amber

Damp peat, beach bonfire and quite a few medicinal traits, old bandages, iodine and band aids.
A dark heavy winey sweetness with anise and a bit of a dirty cask feel with plenty of spices

The sherry is initially dulls the peat for a second or 2, then the peat hits in full force with salt, brine, seaweed, also a feeling like sucking on a stick from a wet bonfire before classic sherry notes of dried fruits and spices arrive along with hint of bitter (smoky) chocolate

A very forceful PC, this one...  and it truly 'Separates the men from the boys'!


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