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Tuesday, 19 March 2013


BenRiach has much stood out for me as the 'Progressive Distillers' in Speyside. I know its a term Bruichladdich on Islay has used, but I see a few similarities between them. They're both - at least uptil last year (B'laddich sold to Remy Martin) - both independently owned and was not afraid to use a load of different casks for maturation - red wine, rum, port, Madeira, Moscatel along with the more traditional ones as Oloroso and PX...

Another similarity is the peated whisky from both distilleries. Although the character of the peat, IMO stops right here its still fun to try what styles on peatiness that comes out of Speyside in contrast to Islay. IMO, its a much more floral style of peat that comes out of Speyside and if I do have to compare the style with anything on Islay it would have to be Bowmore.

I'll be doing reviews of 7 BenRiach expressions over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for a spread of what this distillery puts out.

BenRiach 12yo Sherry Wood, 46%, Distillery Bottling

Colour is amber

Caramel, malt, heavy honey and sherry, dried dark grapes - raisins

Apples, sweet sherry, creamy and oily, almost floral with some licorice. Finish is drying and nutty.

Matured in both oloroso and PX casks this of course is bound to have many of the above characteristics and it's a very nice introduction to sherried Speyside whisky.


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