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Thursday, 21 March 2013


In 1972, back when BenRiach was still owned by Chivas, a small amount of peated whisky was need for the Chivas blends. With the lack of an Islay distillery in their portfolio, Chivas decided to have BenRiach produce some peated whisky for this purpose. Although not their main output, they still produced a quantity for them to put matured for longer periods.

Now, personally I've never been a huge fan of peated Speysiders as I find most of the expressions I've tried simply doesn't work for me. I most often find that the peat doesn't seem to be integrated with the rest of the spirit and with that throwing the whole thing off balance, IMO... That said, there always exceptions to the rule - as there almost always is :-)

As you might have imagined by now, this next review features a peated BenRiach expression and an expression from their standard range.

BenRiach 17 Septendicem Peated 46%, ex-Bourbon casks, Distillery Bottling

Colour is white wine

Very peaty on the nose, more than expected, fruits, floral, burnt lovage and a bit grainy/mashy

Oily, smoky, vanilla, more grainy than malt notes, I think, sweet peat and a little citrus.

Not really getting a lot off of this - everything seems to be drowned in peat, though a little even water and time seems to help.

Decent whisky if you're a peathead, but if I wanted something this peaty, I'd have and Islay malt - this just doesn't cut it for me. Missing the usual Speyside complexity entirely, IMO - though still worth exploring.


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  1. Mmm, I rather liked the 15 years. Wpuld like to try out this one! Thanks for reviewing!