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Friday, 29 March 2013


IMO, ex-rum casks is somewhat of a hit and miss... or at least 'try before you buy'

I've had quite a few now - everything from high profile distilleries like Brora and Ardbeg and others like Caol Ila, Bruichladdich, Dallas Dhu, BenRiach and Springbank... I've had more but when I mention Springbank last here it's because I think the Springbank spirit goes very well with rum cask maturation.

Now, also Hazelburn from Springbank Distillery goes very well with rum casks.
Is it because Springbank has a different policy about 'finishing'? I mean, they do not really do a finish - they do more of a double maturation with an equal number of years in the cask as it has previously spent in (usually) bourbon wood. Either that or they do a full maturation in a e.g. rum cask. Bottom line is that I think it works unlike some of the above mentioned where it has not fully integrated with the original cask contents...

IMHO, Port (a hint for next review) and sometimes other red wine casks makes for decent finishing, but I do prefer just ex-bourbon or ex-sherry cask maturation - call me a Puritan - I don't care :-)

What's your favourite cask type for finishing/secondary maturation? and why?

Here's the last of the DK exclusive casks... a peated rum cask...

BenRiach 1995/2012 17yo (peated), 52,6%, Single rum barrel#3928, 199 bottles for DK importer MACY

Colour is straw

Is this BenRiach? Old fishbox, coal smoke, a little toffee, sloe gin? Like walking into the Giraffe house at the Zoo - Ammonia style? really unpleasant I think

I'm thinking more Islay than Speyside here with fishery/smokehouse notes, but then I get that ammonia again - nothing really works here for me - I just don't like it... the whole thing seems... off!

I sit here wondering of this has been an attempt to salvage some poor spirit or the whole cask just has been off to begin with and ruined some good BenRiach spirit.

65/100! ...and that's only for the Islay-notes in it....

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