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Sunday, 17 March 2013


First of all a Happy St. Patrick's Day to the Irish.... and second of all welcome to a Flash Mob Blog entry for whisky bloggers all over the world, though mainly the US/Canada and Europe.
I know there are others out there and I'm sorry to have left you out, but mentioning all in but a few words will make this a very long list.

The idea of this Flash Mob Blog for St. Patrick's Day came from Johanne McInnis who's been the organising force behind this - good work, Johanne! :-)

Now, I think most know the Bushmills Distillery as being the one outside the Irish republic, sitting in Northern Ireland (UK) instead and boasting their first legal distillation date as far back as 1608 on their bottle labels.

When trying to remember the first Irish whiskey I had, Tullamore Dew springs to mind - after that Jameson's... lots of Jameson's! and Guinness on a very nice trip to the Irish capitol back in Y2K - my only regret is that I haven't been back since as I'd love to go around the the Emerald Isle.

Now we're here for a review of the Black Bushmills. As with most Irish whiskey (not all, in fact) Bushmills is triple distilled as opposed to Scottish which is on double distilled (with exceptions, again of course) so Irish whiskey will give that bit of extra smoothness and but maybe also that little bit less complexity as the 3 distillation run can take away some of the flavours... but that's an entire full chemistry lesson in itself and not one for a St. Patrick's Day celebration

Bushmills Black Bush 40%, Distillery Bottling

Bottle is about 3 years old but opened recently. The makeup of the Black Bush is 80% malt whiskey and 20% grain. My sample was generously provided by a friend - thank you!

Colour is light amber

Initially some dark fruits, very resinous, some spices. Also getting a floral hint somewhere and maybe some ginger ale? Some banana even?

Very well integrated malt and grain here. The ratio of 80% malt and 20% grain shows. I feel the grain gives it just that little bit more sweetness where as the malt provides for some heavier creamy notes. A very nice, though slightly bitter and nutty sherry pops up mid palate, but only the be relieved by some lingering sweet wood spices, caramel and a faint hint of licorice.

This is a good all evening sipping whiskey and should certainly be a part of a St. Patrick's Day celebration! ... along with some pints of Guinness, of course! ;-)


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