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Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Alex Bruce from Adelphi has just been touring Denmark to promote their products... IMO they sell themselves - I've yet to have a bottling I would consider 'bad' - but it good to see Alex out and about and hope to catch up with him myself before long. I'm sure he has exiting things to tell about the progression of the Ardnamurchan Distillery.

I visited the plot of land where it was to be built in August 2012 - and it wasn't literally nothing more than an overgrown plot with vegetation little more than knee high in most places.

When I first heard of the location of Adelphi's Distillery I thought they'd lost their marbles but having been there I see the beauty of Ardnamurchan with the peninsula running all the way out to make the westerly mainland point in Scotland... but most important what it can provide with both peat styles, water and also being close to the Glenborrodale Castle where Alex & Co. sometimes use as a business location. I just wonder if the road there is up for the traffic - first the builders and then all the whisky tourists going there once the distillery is completed... I mean, most of the road going there is single track :-O

The plot of land where the Ardnamurchan Distillery is to be built - August 22nd 2012 © The Malt Desk
We're now 2½ months into 2013 and plans are for the Ardnamurchan Distillery to be distilling in the autumn of the this year - I hope they succeed and also hope to visit the place again before long...

Now onto the review:

Clynelish 1997 15yo 54,5% refill bourbon cask#6510, 283 bottles, Adelphi

Colour is white wine

Creamy apple at first nosing, roasted bread crumbs, vanilla custard and after a short while some citrus notes along with honey, oak, wet malt, whole-grain cereal and natural caramel.

Lovely crisp oak and slightly floral and waxy arrival turning to vanilla'ed malt and honey, vanilla butter biscuits (DK style), barley sugars and a hint of spicy oak on the finish.

An incredible easy drinker this Clynelish, pleasant with a distinct waxy and natural caramel edge to it - good fun!


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