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Sunday, 10 March 2013


Glendullan Distillery (under renovation) May 1st 2010 © The Malt Desk

Glendullan was also on the tour during the '7 stills of Dufftown' event at the Spirit of Speyside Festival... actually it's on every year, but 2010 was the last year Diageo let anyone take pictures inside - I also had a short rant about this in the 1 month old Mortlach review.

Glendullan is another of those workhorse distilleries that's a part of the Diageo portfolio and is rarely bottled as a single malt except by the independent bottlers - and not often from them either, I might add...

Now, I've only reviewed 1 Glendullan before here on The Malt Desk and that was a very nice official bottling in the Rare Malt series... but other than that Glendullan is generally only blend fodder - and much like Glen Ord it was for a short while associated with 'The Singleton'...

Still some of it gets bottled as a single malt, like the one I'm about to review... Its a bottling done for the McBains off-license shop in Dufftown who in 2010 had a very nice bourbon cask Mortlach bottled for them...

Glendullan 1998/2011 54,7% cask#18567, Gordon & MacPhail Reserve for McBains of Dufftown

Colour is straw

Metal shavings, a bit of farmyard, grapefruits, hint of plastic boxes, very acidic and with hints of fabric softener

Custard and licorice, a bit hot but water takes some of that away, but it still relies on that citrussy note to carry it through. The finish has a bit of a hoppy style note to it - some bitterness, but what surprises me most is that it has a bit of peat on the finish!! Go figure!...

Drinkable - especially with water but it won't win any awards, IMHO.

Thanks again to my very good friend for the sample....   79/100!

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