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Friday, 8 March 2013


Speyside favorite and independent distillery, Glenfarclas, has through the years put out some cracking bottlings - both in their standard range where I'd like to highlight their 15yo bottled at 46%...

As an independent and family owned distillery, they've always been very protective of the Glenfarclas name when it comes to its use on independent bottlings. Best example was a few years back when indie bottler Cadenhead release a couple too many bottlings with the distillery name on year and Glenfarclas through litigation had that brought down to max 2 per annum.

The only other bottler that has come close putting out a reasonable amount of Glenfarclas is The Scotch Malt Whisky Society and - as you would know if you've been following my reviews in 2013 - they don't put the Glenfarclas name on the bottle - just a 1.xxx as Glenfarclas was the first cask the SMWS ever had bottled.

Glenfarclas puts great pride in being a part of the Spirit of Speyside Festival each year too.
They open their door with extra tours and special events like the picking of the next family cask bottling and tastings of the same range. You can read a report from picking of the 1997 Family Cask during the 2012 Spring Festival here.

Located at the foot of Benrinnes hill, the distillery fairly open grounds offers a great views of the place and being in Speyside it's one of the distilleries you just have to tour. I go there every time I'm in Speyside... :-)

Glenfarclas Stillhouse - March 2009 © The Malt Desk

As I mentioned in the previous post, the stuff of the 70's are legendary from most distilleries and Glenfarclas which also have stuff dating back from the 50's (Check their Family Cask range) is no exception - lovely, just absolutely lovely old sherry casks from that era... and still today Glenfarclas manages to source some pretty good casks, IMO - let's all hope they can keep that up!

A good friend of mine generously provided a nice size sample for me to review - Thank you!

Glenfarclas 1974 30yo (11.07.1974/26.10.2004) 53,3%, sherry cask#6042, 288 bottles for Austria, Distillery bottling

Colour is mahogany

Oozes of old style sherry, very winey, lovely hardwood notes and after a short while gives off almost the scent of a high quality tawny port with underlying barley sugars and danish xmas spice cake. Also a clear apple note in there as well, shoe polish, rum filled chocolates and even a hint of smoke.

Pretty lively for a 30yo whisky with an arrival that would have fit a dram half its age. Lovely cinnamon buns, chocolate covered orange slices, hints of mint, nutmeg and mulled wine. Sticks to the back roof of your mouth and cheeks forever with nutty oloroso and malt notes.

I'm guessing this is what chewing Caledonia pipe tobacco mix (DK special blend) will taste like.

An absolutely cracking expression - Thanks again for the sample!


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