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Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Old Pulteney - Warehouse No. 5 - August 2009 © The Malt Desk
A short while ago, this lovely distillery had to remove the marketing phrase of being the  'Northernmost Scotch Mainland Whisky Distillery' as just a bit further north - in Thurso - distilling started at Wolfburn Distillery... but Wolfburn is not the focus here today - Old Pulteney in Wick is...

Ever since Jim Murray named the OP 21yo whisky of the year in 2012, bottle of the 21yo has been flying off the shelves everywhere... even bottles from older batches, that with great certainty weren't the stuff Jim Murray tasted - go figure that move? :-O
But I guess people we're just desperate to try the 'World's Best Whisky 2012' - so desperate the 21yo sold out almost everywhere and the boys at Inverhouse (the owners) had to work overtime to put more out there...

Today, I'll be reviewing a bottling for Travel Retail - actually its the 2nd bottling in a series of 3 so far...

The bottlings are (all for travel retail):
  • Old Pulteney NAS WK499 'Isabella Fortuna' 52%
  • Old Pulteney NAS WK499 II 46%
  • Old Pulteney NAS WK217 'Spectrum'
I'll be reviewing the middle one... the names of course are names of names of fishing boats to show Pulteney's strong connection with the sea...

Old Pulteney NAS WK499 II 46%

Colour is light amber

Fresh apples, and wet oak/wood shavings, briny and fresh, gets even more fruity (citrus) with time in the glass

Sweet malt, peppery, more apples followed by some pear, aniseed, hints of cumin maybe?

Very easy drinking malt and not overly expressive - I like the 1st edition better
Again, thanks to my friend, for the sample!


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  1. I had the 217 and found it okay but nothing earth shaking (82 points). Still I kinda like this distillery. Cheers Claus!