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Sunday, 28 April 2013


Now for something completely different for the next 5 reviews... Sherried whisky - from what you would regular sherry matured to almost pitch black and completely sherry broken.

Where do we go for that? and also get a more than average heavy spirit character as well?
Glendronach, of course!

I asked at a recent tasting why many people prefer dark sherried bottling, a topic I've mentioned before on the blog, but from a buying perspective. At this tasting I tried to make people take a stand on either, but almost all said they liked both even though the sherried bottlings seemed to be more popular - once again I got confirmed that many people also 'drink with their eyes...'

Now the very few ex-bourbon cask lovers there - or at least the one who spoke up (you know who you are - and thanks, K for doing so) :-)

You're wondering what the explanation for preferring ex-bourbon cask matured whisky is?

'When maturing in an ex-bourbon cask, you get much more natural spirit character coming through, where as when sherry matured, or at least heavily sherry matured, you mask the spirit behind a think layer of sherry...'

Does that sound plausible? I think it does and I personally like bourbon matured whisky as much as sherry matured myself, so it was also a pleasure for me (and oh, such a tough job *sigh* - irony may have been used here) to review these next 5 ones from Glendronach Distillery outside Huntly (Forgue, East Highlands) over the next few posts.

Glendronach Stills, May 2012, © The Malt Desk May 2012
Glendronach Cask Strength NAS Batch 1, 54,8%, 12000 bottles, Distillery Bottling

Colour is dark amber

Vanilla, sultanas, oranges, tobacco, some milk chocolate and an hint of mashy/grainy character

Chocolates for sure, bitter sweet crisp malt, candied apples, some nuts, ginger and honey cake, drying and mashy with a herbal note on the finish

Very good, but I'm not quite convinced here...
Batch 2 should be on its way to the shops late April 2013...


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