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Saturday, 20 April 2013


Gonna do a quartet of Glenlivet reviews here, 1 distillery bottling as a...well - benchmark, but it can hardly compare with the next 3 as they're all from indie bottlers and at higher strength and NCF and E150 free... Am I being biased? yes, I am... but that's what you get here sometimes :-)

Anyway, my benchmark malt is one of the biggest sellers on the US market and to many - along with Glenfiddich - what malt whisky is really about... I'm of course talking about the 12yo Glenlivet!

Let's dive right in...

Glenlivet 12yo 40%, Distillery bottling (2012/06/12/1321 LF30746)

Colour is gold (E150 added)

Apple, toffee, a little spice, honey and mild flowers

Bit of a weak arrival, honey again, vanilla, some fruit and bitter burnt caramel
Water brings out a more spicy edge.

I must admit, I found this too bitter and very weak and not at all up to what I remember Glenlivet 12yo as... used to be better than this!


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