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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I'd better follow the old Berry Bros 'Livet with another one about the same age, but this time from bottler Duncan Taylor.

Duncan Taylor used to be one of my favourite bottlers, but I'm sad to say these days, that I find their releases and quality dropping over that past couple of years... My guess is their stock is dwindling too... Think I've mentioned this before in another post as well.

This bottling though, is from just before I feel the quality dropped... and a bottle that was acquired with the help of a very special person (Thank you, U)

Glenlivet 1970 40yo (26.02.1970/03.05.2010) 49,9%, cask#2015, 210 bottles, Duncan Taylor Peerless (tall bottle)

Colour is full gold

Initially medium heavy oak pops out, then mango, pineapple, clove and licorice, honeyed and flowery too. A a dram that takes its time to open up, but it sure benefits from it ...

Once it has had time to open up it deliverers buckets of tropical fruits, citrus too - mainly oranges, ginger and a peppery nip. Finishes on sugar sprinkled fruits and 'green' herbal note and oaky edge.

Another lovely old Glenlivet once it has had some time to open up.


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