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Thursday, 4 April 2013


Following up the Macallan from the other day with another bottling by Adelphi.
This particular bottling was fairly cheap when it first came out, but apparently its flavour profile has made people silly or maybe people just want to try an -what has been revealed to be- independent bottling of Glenfarclas. Anyway, this bottling that was around £40/€48 euro when it came out is now fetching up and around £115/€140!! in auctions. Pretty steep for a 12yo undisclosed (well, almost) whisky.

What are the mechanisms around this?
Does people really drink with their eyesn and just dont want to admit it? Whisky preachers and bottlers advocate that the colour of a whisky isn't important and that almost colourless whiskies are just as good as darker ones?... Still the first ones of the shelves at the retailers are the dark sherried expressions.

I too indulge myself in sherry matured bottlings, even heavily sherried ones - but that's because I like the taste, but I just refuse to believe that there are that many people out there crazy for sherry matured whisky...
Are investors picking up these bottlings or are people just hoarding them for other reasons... but then again... are there any other reasons for picking up a bottle than either drinking or investing?

Before I get a huge rant started I'd better review the Laudale...

Laudale 12yo 46%, batch 1, 3458 bottles, Adelphi

Colour is dark mahogany

Thick rich dried grapes, very bitter/sweet, balsamico, strong coffee and blackcurrant

Creamy rich chocolate, cinnamon, high quality raisins, more coffee (espresso style). cherry and blackberry. Also like chewing a coffee bean.

Not overly complex, the sherry has taken over completely, what I tend to call 'sherry broken' but what it does, it does very well. Sherry heads won't be disappointed!

86/100! for its extreme sherry style...

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  1. I like it when the Sherry enhances the other flavours. When it starts to dominate the test, the whisky starts to become a bit boring.