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Friday, 17 May 2013


I just loved to wander around the grounds of the old Brora Distillery. I know it has a lot to do with its status as one of the cult malts, but using my imagination I could almost see the place running as I was having a stroll around the place. Last time I stopped by was in 2009 and I would sure love to go back and see what state the place is in now...

Looking at the picture below you could tell back then Diageo's not doing anything to the place. Sad, really but hey! I'm a whisky romantic! the black doors, btw, just visible to the right in the picture leads into the old stillhouse - where the 2 stills were still present in 2009. I've had other report saying they're still there today...

Anyway, enough romanticism - I'll get on with my Brora review!

Brora Distillery yard, August 4th 2009 © The Malt Desk
Brora 1981 23yo (08.12.1981/08.06.2005) 46%, refill butt#05/372, 314 bottles, Signatory Un-chillfiltered Collection

Colour is straw

Flinty, minerals, fruits, oily, mold and yeasty - fresh dough and half baked bread?. Also very floral along of fresh laundry smell

Light arrival, then a lovely fruit burst along with barley sugars. The palate then drops after that only to return with a very flora attack, jasmine maybe? a bit soapy even? Also a hint of pistachio nuts in there... Finishes on fruit, honey and a wood/tobacco note.

This dram actually took me some time to get acquainted with. But once I did I enjoyed it, even though its not the best Brora I've had... and finally Thanks to Kalle for the sample!


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