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Sunday, 19 May 2013


I'll follow up the Brora review from a couple of days ago with a review from across the road, literally! from the new Clynelish distillery. I'll keep the whole thing short and sweet today...

Clynelish 1991 13yo (23.11.1991/11.05.2005) 46%, Hogshead#12723, 373 bottles, Signatory Un-Chillfiltered Collection

Colour is pale white wine

Pear, hint of tequila, ash, bit of yeast, some raw fruity spirit, slight honey too, grassy and a hint of metal shavings, white chocolate and diesel. Sometimes this reminds me very much of an Irish Whiskey on the nose

Gentle arrival on white fruits, peppery, salty citrus and a bit of wet newspaper/cardboard. Again grassy, old cellar feel and again a slightly metallic note, mainly dominant on the finish.

Decent drinking whisky, this one... especially with 5 drops of water that takes out the metallic notes in it... Again thanks to Kalle for the sample


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