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Saturday, 11 May 2013


Hello Folks, I'm back... :-)

Having spent the past week in Scotland -mainly at the Spirit of Speyside Festival- its now time to resume the writing here after having soaked up the atmosphere and clean Highland air.

Friday, May 3rd saw our merry group of 6 whisky raiding vikings first off to the Whiskies of Scotland shop in Huntly and after a short stop there off to Glendronach Distillery.

Once at the distillery we were -as always- greeted warmly by Karen Mcwilliam and Sandra (sorry, don't know your last name, Sandra). First, we had a wander around the distillery as usual when we get there... this time, though I spent most of my time taking pictures and watching the expressions on my friends faces as it was their first distillery and warehouse visit - smiles were big, I tell you... big smiles! :-)

After having a 10yo 1st fill bourbon cask at 53% in the warehouse, Karen popped the bung on another cask, a fabulous 20yo sherry cask though I've forgotten the abv on that one...

Back inside the visitor's centre, Karen had lined up a delicious range of Glendronachs for us...
  • 10yo 1st fill bourbon cask sample at 53% - same as in the warehouse, but now at room temperature - just delicious, (I want one, Karen!)
  • 15yo Tawny Port 46%
  • 18yo Allardice 46%
  • Cask Strength batch 1 54,8%
  • 18yo cask#1607 Distillery Exclusive 56,1%
  • 1972/2012 40yo
  • Manager's Cask (BYO) cask#1616 59,2%
  • Peated 3yo
Already looking forward to my next visit :-)

I'm gonna finish this post where I left off before leaving for Scotland, which was -very appropriately- in the middle of a streak of Glendronachs...

Kool hand Karen @ Glendronach © The Malt Desk May 3rd 2013

Glendronach 1992 19yo (27.11.1992/xx.10.2012), 57,8%, Oloroso cask#1123, batch 7, 524 bottles, Distillery bottling

Colour is dark mahogany

You can tell this will dry your mouth - even the nose is drying!
Triple espresso and dark chocolate 85% cocoa (powder), some vague sulphur notes that goes away after a short while, leather, getting almost balsamic and maybe black tea as well.

Ultra dry, alright... Crushed coffee and cocoa beans, plums, game, a burnt note and hint of sweet licorice, incredibly vinous and completely sherry broken!

I just love this style from time to time and Glendronach can really ace this category and they sure have with this bottling...


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