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Monday, 13 May 2013


In August 2012, Glendronach started to replace their washbacks. The first 2 on the right had just been replaced when I visited on August 25th - they were just only being filled with water to test for leakages and to expand the wood into shape.

Honestly, I think many people forget the work that goes into making washbacks and the craftsmanship and work done by the coopers... without these guys you wouldn't have traditional wooden washbacks, let alone casks for maturation.

Glendronach takes great pride sherry cask maturation but that doesn't mean they don't mature whisky in i.e. ex-bourbon casks, which I also mentioned in the previous review. Actually Glendronach matures pretty well too in ex-bourbon casks! so well, that I'd take a bottle of the stuff we tried at the distillery any time! Also, what they do at Glendronach is mature some of their whisky in bourbon casks for 8 years and then transfer it to sherry casks for the remainder of its maturation - usually 8 or more years again... The results I've tried in the warehouse on last years Spirit of Speyside Festival tour were very, very nice :-)

That said, I'll review another sherry cask bottling for you, one that has been very well received among my whisky friends...

Glendronach Tun Room © The Malt Desk May 3rd 2013

Glendronach 1993 19yo (15.01.1993/xx.10.2012), 57,1%, Pedro Ximenez Cask#26, 614 bottles, Distillery Bottling, UK Exclusive

Colour is Mahogany

Flowery, vanillas, spicy, creamy cocoa, shoe polish, leather

Honey, spices again as in nutmeg and cinnamon, lovely balance on oak vs, malt and sherry. Finishes on a bitter drying sherry - not too much - herbs and orange peel.

This is truly a great dram packing a little more punch than the PX cask#3183


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