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Thursday, 30 May 2013


Have you ever walked into your local wine dealer and been eyeing that bottle for a while - but you wouldn't spend the money on it, 'cause it's just too bl**dy expensive?

But recently I did buy it when I was shopping for bottles for a tasting in the local club, so that's another way of getting to try that bottle you've had your eyes on for what seems too long. Bottled in 2007, it still carried a hefty price tag, though it might have been increased a couple of times - I'm honestly not sure... It had been carrying the recent tag for quite some time, so I'm not sure if the price has been bumped up a couple of times.

You may think that this headed in the direction of another rant on whisky pricing, but instead I'll urge you to visit those small out of the way whisky shops either when you travel or just visit another town/city close to you... the prices may have gone up, but I know -also from a couple of friends- its still possible to find some older bottlings on the shelves at, maybe not entirely fair prices, but still within range for a few of you to maybe share a bottle or buy it as a club as I did with this particular one.

As you might have figured out by now from reading the headline I'll be reviewing some old Springbank and that alone have brought my expectations up a bit. It's also very sherried, so there's also a chance of it being all winey and/or even s*lph*r tainted... Let's hope not!

Stencil room @ Springbank May 10th 2011 © The Malt Desk

Springbank 1970 37yo (16.06.1970/28.06.2007) 53,9% sherry butt#1621, 370 bottles, Signatory Vintage Decanter Series

Colour is mahogany

Old cellar, Drambuie and rum-like, peppery notes tickles your nose, hint of varnish that goes away with time, figs, I'm thinking strawberries dipped in chocolate or like sticking you nose into a box of liqueur filled chocolates.

Old heavy sherry style, leather and a slightly burnt edge, tobacco shop, kirsch and oranges, raisins, soy sauce, sun dried tomatoes, very sherried but a distinct 'Springer' as its Campbeltown backbone is still noticeable, but only just...

A lovely dram, but on the edge and bottled in the nick of time, I think!


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