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Thursday, 6 June 2013


This malt has completely taken off these past 3-4 years after a certain whisky ambassador started to promote its older bottlings. Today, bottlings of particularly the 1972 vintage is going for close to silly money on auctions.

Caperdonich in the village of Rothes is now demolished and the grounds have been taken over by Forsyths Coppersmiths which has built a new storage facility on the premises. The grounds were just across from Glen Grant Distillery and Caperdonich was often referred to as Glen Grant #2 and was never really intended to be a malt brand on its own... I see a big similarity with Caperdonich and Imperial here - Imperial, which this same whisky ambassador also made popular over night.

Caperdonich was finally closed in 2002 and was demolished in late 2010... but for historical reasons I think its good that the Caperdonich grounds are still used for whisky related purposes by the coppersmiths of Forsyths. Now on to my review of the Caperdonich... a bottle I brought home to Speyside to drink with friends at the Spirit of Speyside 2013 Spring Festival.

A new tube-condenser being fitted at Forsyths Coppersmiths in Rothes - 5th May 2012 - © The Malt Desk
Caperdonich 1972 37yo (17.07.2010) 49,7%, ex-bourbon cask ref#WSD002, Duncan Taylor for Whisky Shop Dufftown

Colour is full straw

Oak tickling the nose at first, then fruits, melon, vanilla, citrus (lemons), freshly ground black pepper and even a hint of farmyard - very nice!

Spicy, fruits, melon again too and with a little mango this time as well, some coconut - all very tropical - you'd just need the coconut cream for a Piña Colada. On the finish some cough drops, but sadly a little unwanted oakiness creeps in at the to deprive this one from reaching 90p.

Still a great dram and pick by Mike Lord from WSD


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