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Thursday, 13 June 2013


I'm doing this post sitting in the common area of The Ghillies Cottage at Macallan in Speyside - Craigellachie to be exact, where (of course) I'm trying some nice whisky. I'm on this trip to get to know a new range of whiskies - but more on that in a post later this month.

This time, I'll just do a review as tiredness has kicked in and I'd be better off sleeping than spending time online... but hey, I admit it... I'm a bit of an online addict - but then who isn't these days, right?

The review this time is a Glengoyne 1986 Single Cask release bottled in 2009.
Now, Glengoyne is - in a time where peated whisky is very popular - one of the few distilleries that uses completely unpeated malt in their production - using only hot air to dry their malt.

Anyway, its getting late and its been a long day, so I'll rush straight on to the review...

Glengoyne 1986 23yo (10.04.1986/30.09.2009) 53,6%, european sherry oak butt#399, 548 bottles, Distillery bottling

Colour is light amber

Mint - as in 'After Eight' dessert chocolates, very clean and crisp malt, some oranges in here too and a honeyed sweetness, vanilla and thin breakfast tea. Apples too...

Some beautiful thick oily malt juice and a coating layer of honey and cooked apple. Almost syrupy, tea again, decaying oranges/mustiness??, Cognac, a little milk chocolate and dried fruit... oh, and more mint on the finish.

A very nice Glengoyne, I like it for its crispy cleanliness...


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