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Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Those who reads this page on a regular basis knows that this distillery has a bit of sentimental value for me, as Glenmorangie was my first malt ever - the old 10yo expression. Along the way, I've picked up a couple of older expressions from the 70's, but those are tucked well away in a secret location, but someday I look forward to enjoying them.

I've always enjoyed the (North) Highland style of whisky, that little hint of peat, the earthy notes and mellow fruitiness and slight coastal hint.

Now, Glenmorangie is one of the pioneers when it comes to maturing whisky in other cask types than just bourbon and sherry. Some of the first was Port, Madeira, Burgundy/Claret, Cognac and later more exotic oak types like Burr- and Truffle oak... Some more successfull than others, IMHO.

Sadly today, I steer clear of most Glenmorangie bottlings unless offered for free or trying at fairs, since I think its not as good as it used to be... sad to see for a distillery I otherwise hold in such high esteem... which is also maybe why my expectation didn't run that high when trying the 'Signet'-release, although I thought the partially heavy roasted malt recipe is appealing as I like my beers dark too... and its a bottling at 46%, which is a huge++

Glenmorangie Distillery, HDR edited photo, 24th August 2009 © The Malt Desk

Glenmorangie 'Signet' 46%, bottled +/- 2008, Distillery bottling

Colour is amber

Heavy malt, a sherry like character to the nose, caramel, coffee, ginger, milk chocolate and toasted oak

Delicious thick and creamy malt, burnt toast, cappuccino, oak, nutty, orange peel, ginger and grated nutmeg and assorted (oak) spices.

This was a very pleasant surprise. Fun to find a 'Morangie that sometimes show almost dark rum-like qualities. Lovely stuff!


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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Some of the modern approach of "let's mix chalk and cheese or oil and water and see what happens" is wearisome. But this is good stuff ! My all time favourite was Sonnalta which was Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels ! Glorious.