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Thursday, 27 June 2013


Highland Park has done it again... given us a series related to the Orkneys' Viking heritage - this time with a warrior-series. The bottlings are 'Svein', 'Einar' and 'Harald' featuring traditional viking heritage symbols on the boxes, a drinking horn, an axe and a shield.

These bottling contains a high portion of American oak sherry casks which gives them notes on the sweeter side, but these expressions also carry a noticeable smoky side according to the official tasting notes - I look forward experiencing that.

I recently passed through Aberdeen airport and I decided to pick up the middle expression, the 'Einar' at £47 for 1 liter, which seemed like the best buy. Later this year, 3 more expressions will hit the travel retail market, rumoured to be named 'Sigurd', 'Ragnvald' and 'Thorfinn' but are rumoured to be quite expensive bottlings - guess we'll just have to wait and see....

Partial shot of Ring of Brodgar on Orkney Mainland, 5th August 2009 © The Malt Desk
Meanwhile, let's try the 'Einar'...

Highland Park 'Einar' NAS, 40%, Distillery bottling (travel retail) 100cl

Colour is straw

Noticeable peat, slightly floral and honeyed, some orangy notes, spicy oak, banana and vanilla creme

Some (tropical?) fruit, then a clearly peated infusion. A bit of an oily feel too, which water confirms when adding a few drops. A vague yeasty note, gingery, vanilla and green bitter banana and oak.

When first opening the bottle I got lots of young whisky/new make notes which disappointed me somewhat... but after leaving the bottles for a few days to breathe a bit, it settles down and produces a nice profile.

Enjoyable, though it suffers a bit from being only 40% abv... 46% in the future, please HP?

83/100! ...and that's mainly because of the 40% abv

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