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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Right now, we're having a hot spell over most of Europe with temperatures between 24-30 degree celcius - its certainly hot here in Denmark and in my favourite other country, Scotland...

For some it means less whisky drinking as their olfactory system gets inhibited by the heat...
Does yours too? My own? Hmm, not really this year, which is strange, I must admit... especially in a time where most people would rather sit down with a nice refreshing Gin & Tonic instead, right?

So what's different this year since I don't think it too hot for whisky? Well, in April I moved to a new place which kinda refreshed me a bit and even though its hot outside I now live in a place where I can produce a cool draft all day as its high up and by the water front too - lovely! :-)

The bottling I'll be review today is from Bruichladdich and from their old stock, back in 1986.
It's a whisky from which I've already 1 bottle a couple of 3-4 years ago and remember it as some of the better Bruichladdich I've had... for comparison I also also reviewed a very good 1992 Bruichladdich also from Cadenhead back in January this year... have a look at that one too...

But back to the Gin & Tonic, well sort of...

The picture below is the 'Ugly Betty'-still at Bruichladdich distillery on which they make their 'Botanist' gin from 22 different Island botanicals- The still is an old Lomond still from the now closed Inverleven distillery in Dumbarton.

It's a incredibly smooth gin at 46% abv and mixes very well with a bit of ice and tonic water or you can even leave out the tonic and just pour over a little ice - either way, its a refreshing drink!

But this is not the Gin desk, it's The Malt Desk, so I'll whip up that Bruichladdich review for you...

The 'Ugly Betty'-gin producing still at Bruichladdich, 6th May 2011 © The Malt Desk

Bruichladdich 1986 18yo (xx.xx.1986/xx.05.2005) 55,8%, ex-bourbon hogshead, 270 bottles, Cadenhead Authentic Collection

Colour is full straw

Vanilla and peat hand in hand and quite more peat than expected. Slight floral hints and both ginger and nutmeg, peppery spices, musty, wet newspaper and even honey and solventy note.

Good sweet malt arrival- very Bruichladdich, followed by spicy oak and clearly some nutmeg and peat in beautiful measures, never subduing the vanillas, soft fruits and oily notes also in there.

Another good cask by Cadenhead, but now long gone, sadly as it was bottled in 2005...


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