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Sunday, 7 July 2013


I love old Bunnahabhains... so I poured this sample with much anticipation - someone had whispered in my ear that its good stuff! Heck! - even great!

It's a bottling from the Dutch boys at whiskybase.com in their well named series 'Archives'
I've previously reviewed some of their bottlings - you can read about that here.

Actually they've put out 3 new bottlings this time and along with a redesigned bottle label - this time featuring tropical fish and very aptly named 'The fishes of Samoa' - very pretty indeed! It reminds me a bit of a certain German bottler with very colourful labels and I think that one cannot help be inspired by such.

Are you making these collectible now, guys? ;-)

Picture with permission from Whiskybase shop

But never mind pretty labels, you say... are the whisky any good?

Well, as I started by saying - I love old Bunnas... and of course there a cask duds out there, but they're yet to pick a bad one (so don't you dare, guys!)

Bunnahabhain 1973 40yo (xx.03.1973/xx.04.2013) 50,6%, Butt#3463, 156 bottles, Archives 'The Fishes of Samoa'

Colour is straw

Starts on varnish/furniture polish but after a short while it heads in the direction of a winey, tropical fruit punch (mango, pineapple and nectarines) and white rum drinks. Very Caribbean! In time the fruits become heavier and more stale and the nose also takes on a more mineral note.

Lovely creamy arrival even at a full 50,6%. Yellow fruits, ginger and that heavy ale'd malt style I love so much in older Bunnas although its tucked away a bit in the marzipan,vanilla and wood spice finish. Do I detect a little bit of of smoke in the aftertaste as well?

This is just one of those malts you want to keep sipping to keep the taste in your mouth!
IMO, this never gets overly oaky or tired, but carries a pleasant full flavoured heavy fruit and malt style very, very well.


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