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Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I was just sorting through my pictures for one to use for this blog post when I suddenly realised I have more than a handful of pictures of the old Clynelish (Now Brora) Distillery, but actually lacking shots of the new Clynelish buildings... But I guess that just goes to prove I'm a whisky romanticist, right ;-) and it also gives me a good reason to return to Scotland too :-D

I've been reviewing alot of bottlings from the SMWS since the they've opened a branch in Denmark last year in September and right now I feel they provide some of the best value/quality bottlings in this high inflation whisky market.

But there's been somewhat of a revival(??) of an older bottler that used to be my favourite a few years back. It's now giving competition both on quality and prices (no, not giving away all my tricks here and telling you who it is)... But after trying a new range from that bottler in the spring during the Spirit of Speyside Festival, I'm confident they're back on the right track and I will be watching them closely.

Now on to the the SMWS review...

The rear of the Clynelish Distillery and shop entrance - 4th August 2009 © The Malt Desk
Clynelish 1984 26.92 28yo (13.12.1984/xx.xx.2013) 'Hard glazed pretzel sticks' 58,2%, 491 bottles, refill ex-sherry butt, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Colour is white wine

Straight off, it gives off lots of alcohol, but also sweet fruity/citrussy notes. Quite salty, minerals, Fairy washing up liquid and some sweet wort. It gets a bit more herbal with time and cut grass appears along with a slight vinous note, even if this is a well used sherry butt.

Squashed citrus fruits (oranges mostly), oak spices, a syrupy note and a dash of vanilla, honey and candles/waxy/oily notes. Very Clynelish. Also a slightly 'hot' edge to it and it takes to water very well, bringing out its barley origins.

A lemony salty, barley experience this one. A very good, but not the best older Clynelish from the SMWS as of late. I know I said it takes to water very well, but be careful dosing it, as its a fine edge between swimming and drowning with this dram.

88/100! ...and thanks to MBO for the sample

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