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Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Closed in 1985, Convalmore Distillery on the outskirts of Dufftown has never made much of a fuzz about itself looking at the relatively small amount of bottlings out there. Most of them are from independent bottlers too - actually there's only 3 official bottlings out ever! ... and all of them released after the distillery was closed.

Sitting on the grounds, owned by Wm. Grant & Sons (Glenfiddich/Balvenie/Kininvie) the warehouses are used for maturation of these 3 brands. The remains of the distillery itself is stripped of distilling equipment and will probably never produce again.

Convalmore Distillery outside Dufftown, 26th August 2012 © The Malt Desk
I haven't tried that many expressions myself, but the ones I have tried is very pleasent, being on the fruity, spicy side and very easy drinking IMO. Also I'm detecting something dusty/damp in the Convalmore style and I look forward to reviewing this one. The bottle was purchased in the DK/German Ferry Bordershop @ Puttgarten in 2012 and only cost around 500,- Dkr or €66/£55/$87 at the current exchange rate - not a bad price for a bottle from a closed distillery.

When I opened this bottle about 3 weeks ago, I wasn't terribly impressed with it.
Now, its become very enjoyable and pleasant drinking whisky and what I feel is a good representative of Convalmore.

Convalmore 1975 (b. 2004) 28yo 46% hogshead#3757, 264 bottles, Dun Bheagan

Colour is straw

Boiled fruits with a strawberry edge, as expected a note of old loft/confined space, oak spices, nutmeg, red berrie youghurt, mixed herbs and a whiff of washing up liquid

Stale fruit, dirty/dusty feel mid palate and oak. A few drops of water gets the fruity notes going (dried apricot?) pepper and those strawberries again. Some licorice and hint of metal on the finish along with spices, pine resin and a drying edge.


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