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Friday, 26 July 2013


Can you imagine expecting strong winds, clouded or overcast weather conditions and even some rain but instead getting 23° Celsius and a light breeze in a place like the Orkney Islands just north of Scotland? No? well, nevertheless its what we had when visiting in 2009, making the islands almost Mediterranian to be on.

So, if you ever venture this far north in Scotland, keep your fingers crossed as to have this kind of weather while on these beautiful islands. It really made the place even more wonderful.

My review this time will be of another Highland Park release in a 35cl (½) bottle and released only to the Swedish market. What makes this even more special is that its bottled at cask strength (56%). I'm sure I speak for all whisky friends whe I say that we'd like to see more of this, right?

Let that be a message to the good folks at Edrington... :-)

Looking north to Shapinsay, Gairsay and Rousay from the hill just west of Kirkwall, 6th August 2009 © The Malt Desk 

Highland Park NAS, Cask Strength 56%, 100% European oak sherry casks, Distillery bottling for Sweden, 35cl

Colour is dark amber

Dried fruits, oranges at first, hints of struck match/spent fireworks, nutmeg, strong mustard, very spicy with crushed chili notes and a nice peaty edge as well. Also floral hints covered in sweet sherry.

Sweet and spicy, dried fruits again, (raisins, figs) and peppers. Sweet dry, nutty and vinous edge of the sherry,  a bit of oranges, heavy burnt toffee, hardwood and very noticeable peat on the finish, lingering for quite a while.

A good HP at cask strength, more of this please!


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