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Friday, 19 July 2013


Rosebank distillery was located on the western outskirts of Falkirk, northwest of Edinburgh... please note that I said 'was'... the distillery closed in 1993.

Being a light and sometimes volatile spirit, Rosebank has often been accused of not holding up for prolonged maturation but these days we see independent releases as old as 30 years doing just great... and why was it even seen as that? could it have something to do with Rosebank being distilled in the traditional old lowland style i.e. - 3 x distilled.

Now, Rosebank was actually one of the only distilleries still practicing triple distillation in recent days up until its closure in 1993, although as many as 30 was thought to have used triple distillation in the late 1800's. Today the Lowlands region of Scotland only has Auchentoshan using triple distillation. Rosebank is today, along with closed St. Magdalene/Linlithgow distillery also becoming cult whiskies and prices of these bottlings are going up fast too.

I'm sadly missing pictures from Falkirk of the old Rosebank buildings, but the modern wonders of technology lets Google Street View provide a picture for you.

Now, onto the review...

Rosebank 1989 10yo (xx.04.1989/xx.05.1999) 59%, oak cask#839, Blackadder Natural Strength

Colour is pale white wine

At first very closed down, but after a while it becomes very aromatic with herbs, grass, perfumy hints, soft citrus notes, vanilla, white port and bursts of alcohol

Without water this is just too rough, but with a splash it gets a creamy arrival, soft apple, malt extract, vanilla and coconut, bitter green grapes, lemon and a little porridge... all the flavours being very, very clean...

A lovely young Rosebank!


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