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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Phew, what can this be? As you all probably know, Speyside is the single largest whisky producing region on Scotland making it almost impossible to guess the distillery behind this whisky.

When tasting this I of course had my suspicion about where in Speyside to venture, but since its a single cask it can come across as something not even close to a distillery's normal style.

Where this one originates from, I can only guess... which I will do after the review...

Thomas Telford Bridge across the Spey River (wideangle & HDR), 26th September 2010 © The Malt Desk
Speyside Region 1995 17yo (xx.09.1995/xx.11.2012) 48,2%, Butt#56, 54 bottles, Archives 'The Fishes of Samoa'

Colour is straw

Vanilla, then very fruity on apples, tuning more tropical as we go along with peach and mango. I'm thinking alot like those tropical fruit juices you buy in large cartons in the supermarket. Also a faint dairy note, so the whole thing to me is like nosing a mellow smoothie in dram-form

This is lovely, Initially fruit of the tropical kind, also melon, honey and a hint of something floral. Very nice integration of the malt and oak here. Finishes on oranges marmalade and slight peppery edge.

Anyway, this is also a very more-ish dram... and I do see some similarities between the fruitiness in this one and the Bunnahabhain I just reviewed.

My guess is... Benriach? Why? Because I had a very similar, although older (1975) expression straight from the cask at Benriach distillery during the Speyside festival in May this year...

But apparently its not - sources tell me (and also a post on whiskybase.com) that this is a Glenfarclas... but a Glenfarclas very far from their usual style, IMO...

This doesn't change the fact that this is very good whisky!

88/100! ...and still available here

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