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Saturday, 17 August 2013


This has been long overdue... a set of American whiskeys - Bourbons & Ryes...

Its been a while since I've ventured into Bourbon & Ryes, but needed to give it another shot. I've had some before, but need to see if my palate has adjusted over time, so...

I'm gonna start with the fact -and I've mentioned this before when reviewing Scottish grain whisky- that overly sweet whisk(e)y isn't much to my liking... therefore please take note that these reviews might reflect that. That said, I do find some good stuff among the bottles I will be reviewing and I will, of course, try and be as objective as possible. On the other hand, taste is quite subjective anyway, but I just thought you should know ;-)

For the first review we're off to Bernheim (Heaven Hill) plant in Louisville, Kentucky for a review of the Bernheim Original, a mainly (51%) wheat whiskey...

Bernheim warehouse, photo from Bernheim official media kit

Bernheim Small Batch, Wheat whiskey, 45%, Bernheim (Heaven Hill) Distillery bottling

Colour is amber

Very light, floral, mint, banana, anise, cough syrup and cinnamon

Fruity, light grains, peach, unripe oranges, cloves and grilled banana on a short finish.

Hmm... OK light style, but sweeeet and completely uninspiring. Should be iced, IMO   Guess, being a malt-head shows straight away...


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