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Monday, 19 August 2013


Moving west to the state of Utah, High West Distillery in Park City, 7000' (2130m) above sea level has this Double Rye among their releases. As with many of their other releases its a whiskey that's blended to produce a specific style and whiskey is brought in from distilleries in the east and Midwest of the US. They produce Rye and Bourbon themselves too and mix it with the bought-in whiskey from other distilleries. Oh, and they produce vodka too :-)

You can read more about High West Distillery on their website.

High West Distillery, Park City, Utah - photo from official press kit
Before reading reading the review, please read the 3rd paragraph in my first US whiskey review.

High West Double Rye, 46%, batch 12B29, High West Distillery

Colour is light amber

Made from 95% 2yo Rye and 16yo bought-in Rye with a mash bill of 53% Rye, 37% Corn and 10% Other

Wow, Gin??? but this is a Rye, right? Caramel, licorice, cloves, mint, cinnamon buns, nutmeg. Noses young like expected, but still very expressive

Pretty much and echo of the nose, but you get the older spicy rye from the mix here now as well + some vanilla and still loads of cinnamon. Not a favourite, yet its strangely appealling and very fresh - a good mixer?

Hint - don't add water to this one, it goes flat immediately.


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