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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Moving some 55 miles to the south west to Bardstown, Kentucky for this next review.

The distillery here is Willett. As with many US whiskies, the Noah's Mill brand is a part Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, which again is a part of Willett. Confusing?? have a look here for more on their umbrella of products. Also Wikipedia carries a page about KBD, it can be found here.

This company makeup is also the same with almost all of the other producers as well.

I remember trying this a few years ago (a different batch, of course) and thinking it was very good so I looked forward to revisiting the brand again.

Willett Distillery, Bardstown, Kentucky - picture from Willett website.

Here's my take on it:

Noah's Mill 57,15%. batch 12.68, Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (Willett)

Colour is mahogany

Chocolate cake creme, dark fruits, prunes, wet oak, veggie oils, wet newspaper, burnt sugars

Surprising light and creamy arrival in spite of the 57,15% abv...
Oranges, brown sugar, hint of English breakfast tea, spicy and peppery, mint, raspberry, nutmeg and clove, burnt sugar and very drying on the finish

Very good, I think... but not as good as the one I remember having a while back.
This is also a 15yo Bourbon which is not so often seen, as you should think 15 years in a new oak barrel would make the cask the over completely.



  1. No peanuts there? I remember a strong peanut taste, someone else found cashews there. If you have a chance try one of Wilett's single barrel bourbons, they are uniformly exceptional.

  2. Hi Florin,

    I didn't get any nutty notes in it

    I normally have no trouble picking up nutty notes in i.e. Scotches, but didn't get anything here... maybe it you tried anotherbatch where nuts were dominant?