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Saturday, 24 August 2013


We're still in Frankfort, Kentucky for this next review. This time (as well in later reviews) I'm gonna be reviewing whiskey from Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Buffalo Trace Distillery is probably most well known for their Antique Collection which has brand names as prominent as William Larue Weller, Eagle Rare and George T. Stagg, the latter being named the Worlds best Bourbon on several occasions. I won't be reviewing the Antique Collection (yet!! - but stay tuned) - instead, I'll start off with a another Weller bourbon from their extensive portfolio. Although this also carries the 'Antique'-name it has nothing to do with the above mentioned prominent Antique collection.

Casks from Buffalo Trace Distillery - Picture from Buffalo Trace Media Kit
This is a wheated bourbon, which means that the 2nd grain in this mix is a high percentage wheat content.

Old Weller Antique 107 proof (53,5%), wheated bourbon, Buffalo Trace Distillery

Colour is mahogany

Spicy, toasted oak, oranges, burnt caramel, coffee allsorts, new sawn wood

Medium light arrival, bitter sweet oak, brown sugar, fresh ginger, some herbal notes and Haribo wine gums

Very gentle for a 107 proof... and starting to show a style I can relate more to then the previous ones... and also providing back for your buck, this one as its fairly priced in Denmark.


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