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Saturday, 31 August 2013


Now on to the next bottling from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, I'll be reviewing... the William Larue Weller or W.L.Weller for short.

This is a wheated bourbon, getting good reviews in many places and being wheated it should have that extra sweetness, something I'm not that good at handling.

Again as I mentioned in the previous review this costs about the same as a nose tip on a jet fighter here in Denmark. We're talking so much money I never would put that up for bourbon myself. A Scottish malt on the other hand, I have no trouble with spending that kind of money on. We're talking about 1600-1800 Dkr. or £220/€240/$300 here. That's simply too much for a column and sometimes pot distilled grain spirit, IMO... and I'm counting Scottish grains here as well - just to let you know I'm not deliberately bashing US Whiskeys now!!

This statement will probably get some of you out of your chairs, but its my honest opinion even though I do think this W.L.Weller is good... just not 1600-1800 Dkr. or £220/€240/$300-good!

What would I pay for this? 600 Dkr maybe... (£66/€80/$100)

Review time...

Buffalo Trace Distillery Grounds - picture from Buffalo Trace media kit
William Larue Weller, Kentucky Straight Bourbon (wheated) 2005, 60,95%, Buffalo Trace Distillery & Antique Collection

Colour is dark mahogany

Huge on vanilla and dark chocolate, salami, some alcohol, fruit sugars, Xmas cake, nutty and hint of perfume (after shave style).

Creme brulee with the burnt sugar crust, dark chocolate again, cinnamon sprinkled apples, pistachio nuts, dark but light style rum, BBQ'ed corn, coffee, oranges and raspberry

For a bourbon, this is good stuff for sure and I really like it! ;-) But I'd not take more than one dram from this in a session. Again, its just too sweet for that!


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