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Friday, 27 September 2013


I was about to review another Karuizawa bottling, but a tasting of all 8 (so far) batches of the very, very delicious Balvenie Tun 1401s sorta got in the way ;-) The novelty and the sheer quality of the tasting was just so high that I had to post it shortly after the event.

This particular 1986 bottling of Karuizawa is not much older than the previous one reviewed, so maybe they're similar in style? or maybe not since they're both single cask bottlings.

Single cask bottlings is actually one of the many delights of the whisky world that I really appreciate... Why? Because it gives the you a chance to taste spirit from the same distillery, sometimes even distilled on the same day, but matured in 2 or more different cask types.

This is something you almost only see in bottlings from independent bottlers... and sometimes you maybe have to span more than one bottler to get spirit distilled on the same date and/or bottled closed together... and then cask types maybe be the same as they're often sold in large batches from the distillers, that... But sometimes you're lucky that a batch is filled into different style casks and they're great fun to compare.

Anyway, this is not the case with this Karuizawa and the above is only to highlight some of what I feel is fun about whisky.

On to the review now:

Karuizawa 1986 Vintage (b. 12.02.2008) 60,7%, sherry hogshead#7387, Distillery bottling

Colour is amber

Just after the pour I get a distinct whiff of urinal 'mints' but this goes away after a very short time (thank the whisky gods!). Its replaced by vanilla oak, ginger, hint of mild cheese and a little spent fireworks and wood burning ash - fireplace style. Some fresh outdoors notes as well, wet forest - all covered in sweetness.

Musty, American oak cask sherry style, which is very likely since this is a hoggie, sandalwood, mushroom, herbal notes, sage and fennel, ginger, some orange and a slight spicy edge to round things off. Not really any spent fireworks/sulphury notes carried over from the nose that I can detect - or its just so light is gets buried under the other notes.

Pretty nice dram, although I liked the style of the Whisky Live bottling just a little better...


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