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Thursday, 19 September 2013


I'll start by saying congratulations to all Karuizawa owners out there. Your bottles have just gone up in value as 3 more bottles are gone, incl this one for Whisky Live Japan, which I'll be reviewing below... Also 2 more to come over the next days, so stay tuned! ;-)

But back to the whisky... I could be wrong, but this is what struck me after tasting 3 more Karuizawas recently. I think that when Karuizawas reaches around 20yo it takes on a certain more exotic style. I had a couple of sips of a 12yo at a private function and didn't get the same notes. Maybe its just me, but I get lots of more 'open street food market'-notes, more hardwood, fern, musty and oily barley notes. Oak influence for sure and I'm sure also the climate in Japan has contributed to this.

When coming to the other 2 Karuizawas, I also think this time, I've stumbled over something equally special as well as good.

Karuizawa 1990/2009 19yo 60%, sherry butt#6446, Distillery bottling for Whisky Live Japan 10th Anniversary

Colour is mahogany

Dark fruits, alcohol, hardwood, tea, mint, fresh leaves. Oranges and chocolate and a bit of fresh roasted coffee beans comes through as well when some water is added

Very powerful mouthfeel - even with water. Oily, clean lovely sherry, heavy on the malt, raisin, sukat, warm apple and oranges, ginger and cut pepper fruits, fresh tobacco leaves, mushrooms and slight hint of peat.

This tastes like something you can also find in a Scottish malt but I just adore this sherry style. Excellent stuff, nonetheless!


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