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Monday, 9 September 2013


Not much more to say about the Taketsuru blended malt fra Nikka, so I'll skip right to the review of the 17yo version, which has a slightly higher alc% of 43% as opposed to the 40% of the 12yo.

Taketsuru 17yo, 43%, Blended Malt, Nikka

Colour is amber

Woodshavings, some fruit, vanilla, dark sugar, cigarbox, more sherry influence here than in the 12yo version, but also more oak.

Its funny how much more that 3% alcohol shows, especially on the initial arrival here...
The arrival confirms my suspicion on a higher sherry cask content and all in all, the malt is noticeably heavier here than in the 12yo.

It also carries over some oranges and dried fruits as well as some ginger, but as on the nose, the oak is noticeably stronger in this one, finishing it off with a tannic edge.

Good dram if you don't mind a slight oaky edge without it being offensive.


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