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Friday, 13 September 2013


Personal has had me tied up this week, so I've been delaying the review of the 21yo Taketsure for a bit, so here we go:

Taketsuru 21yo, 43%, Blended Malt, Nikka

Colour is deep amber

Clearly older content malt (Good observation as the label says 21yo, Claus). I find some notes of what seems to be even older malt in there, IMO... or maybe its just a result of those hot summers, cold winter maturation conditions they have in Japan. Dried fruits accompany some tropical fruits juice/citrus freshness, banana, exotic wood, floral, heavy malt, honey, resin and hint of leather

Caramel, orange, honey, hint of peat, hardwood, pipe tobacco and a little earthy/musty too.
Hint of tea and chocolate and a spicy edge,mainly nutmeg and allspice. Very malty and this really shows on the finish as its just sits there for quite a while.

A very well balanced whisky and quite a step up from the 17yo, IMO


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