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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Although Clynelish is one of my favourite distilleries, this will just be a quick review...

Bottled by A.D. Rattray that just annonced they'll be opening a distillery on the Glasgows Queen's Docks - hopefully in mid 2015 - best of luck to them!

You can read more about it here

Clynelish Distillery - Picture from Wikimedia
Clynelish 1995 (22.09.1995/25.08.2011) 15yo, 55,3%, sherry butt#8657 (part), 330 bottles, A.D. Rattray

Colour is dark amber

Initially a little sulphury edge (matches), but it reduces to almost nothing after a good 10mins or so, revealing apple, grist, malt, dark fruits, nutmeg and the slightest hint of peat.

Sweet then bitter arrival, dry oloroso style, nutty, ginger overripe oranges, burnt sugar, hint of cinnamon and black pepper again on a nutty and slightly bitter oak finish. A very fruity, malty Clynelish

Very nice Clynelish - I loved it! ... and thanks to GNJ for the sample


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