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Friday, 25 October 2013


This is the first Lochside I'll be reviewing here, but not the first I've tasted.

Earlier I've tried some from G&M, Cadenhead and Berry Bros - and all have been from decent to very, very good! That is, if you like the style. A style that, if mid-aged (12-18) its carries a very light dusty fruity style. This of course is also still evident in the older version I'm about to review below, but that one also carries so much more.

Lochside Distillery was located in the east coast town of Montrose, just over ½ mile (1 km) from the North Sea coast. The distillery produced both malt and grain whisky and last year Aldephi released a couple of stellar married at birth-bottlings (single blends) from the distillery. Venerable bottlings, as they were distilled in 1965 but have stood the test of time beautifully!

Sadly the distillery is now closed (2005), as is Glenesk just a couple of miles north of Montrose.
The site was demolished to first make way for a gardening centre, but now a Lidl supermarket seems to be on the site (atleast according to google street view) and the remaining area around there now being fairly new build residential homes.

This particular bottling, a Lochside malt (just to clarify) is split between 2 cult bottlers, Belgian 'Daily Drams' and and German 'The Whisky Agency' - both seemingly pretty high up in the bottler food chain if you take look the reviews of what they've bottled so far...

Lochside 1981/2010 29yo 48,6%, Ex-bourbon cask, Split bottling - Daily Dram (The Nectar) / The Whisky Agency

Colour is pale gold

Vanilla and oranges and loads of tropical fruit - pineapple, coconut, mango, apricot - almost a Pina Colada. In the background some of that above mentioned faint musty notes, ginger and plain oak. Also some wet cardboard and with time getting a quite dusty dirty road.

Ginger and pineapple again. Then a sudden drop in taste only to recover beautifully with a rush of mango and peach and a hint of perfume as in high quality aftershave. Literally 2 drops of water gives it a more peppery edge and releases some lovely dough notes as well. I actually prefer it with 2 drops of water as it balances out the very sweet edge with some spice.

A great Lochside! I highly recommend this one, if you can find it, though that will probably have to be in an auction somewhere.

Thanks to GNJ for the sample!


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